Color Matching
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Thursday, October 08, 2015


Visionography LLC, i.e., Delores and I take our photo-shoots seriously. We want to provide the very best for our clients while meeting their needs.

One of the most important elements in a successful photo-shoot is color. It’s important to ensure our clients look the very best and this involves color matching. 

Color Matching is important, and the first thing to consider is your environment. When doing your shoot if there is a lot of green around, you’ll want to wear complimenting colors as in reds.

A good tool to use when trying to compliment or match your outfit to the environment being photographed is the color wheel. Once you know the color or colors of your environment, then you’ll be able to see the opposite color as the complimenting color for what you should wear.

Getting a color as close as you can to the complementing color of your environment will help enhance your photos. If you have no way of knowing what the colors may be for your environment, think about dressing in neutral colors.  Neutrals are my favorite as they look good for an assortment of moods and surroundings. Check out Pinterest. for more ideas.